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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty?

Our warranty is a 5 year guarantee on workmanship/materials, with the purchase of a set. For more details go to the warranty page.

Do you have 2 sided mattresses?Elkhart Bedding : Warehouse Bedding Racks

YES, that is all we manufacture and sell.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, free within 20 miles of factory.

We do not ship out. Only local deliveres.

Can you buy a mattress only?

Yes, but there will be no guarantee or warranty on the mattress only.

Is there a discount if I pick it up?

Yes, there is a 10% discount if you pickup your order.

Will you pickup the old bedding and dispose of it?

We will be charging a $50.00 disposal fee for picking up any old bedding.

Do you keep your beds in stock?

Only the first #3 Quilt Top beds featured, in all sizes.

Do you make specialized sized bedding?

Yes we do, including bedding for RV's.

What are your hours?

Monday through Friday we are open 9 am to 4 pm.  Saturday we are open 8 am to noon.

What firmness is the best for me?

It is a personal preference. You should come to visit our showroom and lay down on the different models. That is the best way to make a decision.


Truck Mattresses are not kept in stock. They are made to order, unfortunately, we do not have samples to show at the present time.